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Top 10 Fintech Solutions Companies In Latin America – 2022

The fintech industry has experienced a three-fold growth in Latin American markets in the last three years, as fintech funding surged from USD 44 million to USD 2.1 billion in the last decade. Brazil and Mexico are leading the charge in this fintech growth, with Columbia, Argentina, Chile, and others following closely behind. This growth is only expected to grow further in this decade and beyond.

This spike in fintech activity in the Latin American region is courtesy of the rising demand for online banking products post- COVID. A large population underserved mainly by traditional banking services, new regulatory changes and initiatives in the banking and financial sectors that have improved transparency and security, as well as a massive increase in internet and mobile phone adoption, are furthering the growth of fintech in the region.

This edition of Financial Services Review brings the spotlight on the key developments in the fintech space in Latin America and how financial companies are leveraging the latest tech solutions and market expertise to facilitate and streamline the adoption of digital financial services on a wide scale. It features thought leadership articles from MārtiņšBērziņš, Head of Digital Customer Experience at Citadele Bank, and Pearl Mathew, Director, Fintech Corporate Banking and Jeremy Amias, Vice Chair at Standard Chartered Bank. They respectively speak about the heightened business growth potential brought on by increasing fintech adoption, its role in fostering global business expansion, and navigating the recent technological advancements in the fintech compliance space.

Along with that, the edition features innovative digital solutions for crediting, leasing, and investment segments from Prosystem, a fintech software solution provider that equips organizations with powerful, scalable financial administration solutions.

In this edition featuring top fintech solution providers, we hope you find the appropriate company suited to the needs of your digital finance operations.

    Top Fintech Solutions Companies In Latin America

  • Bantotal offers on-premise and SaaS-based banking platform to enable banks and financial institutions to efficiently manage all their operations while abiding by the regulations

  • FlexFunds is globally recognized as a best-in-class service provider for the administration of securitized assets

  • ICGS Systems offers specialized technological solutions that enable financial companies to manage their investments.

  • Prosystem—a specialist in fintech software—is solving these challenges for growing organizations across Chile by equipping them with scalable financial administration solutions optimized as per the language, processes, and the regulatory policies of the nation.

  • MAPS


    MAPS Financial practices delivering valuable solutions to its customers through innovation, technical capability and knowledge

  • Mercap


    Mercap Unitrade is a solution that was specially designed for the banking market, and includes the Money Desks, Securities, Exchanges, Treasury and Custody businesses



    Poincenot Technology Studio is a fintech solutions develop digital businesses

  • Shareppy Internacional

    Shareppy Internacional

    Shareppy Internacional is a software development company specialized in the financial sector, focused on the credit cooperatives and banking market

  • Sinqia


    Sinqia solution is a leading developer of software and technology services to the financial sector in Brazil

  • Team Quality

    Team Quality

    Team Quality is a company dedicated to offering solutions in technology and knowledge

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